Tuesday, January 21, 2014

IHSW and a finish.......... and how I am going to turn into a perfect stitcher in 2014!

International Hermit and Stitch weekend or to the cognoscenti, IHSW, and I did, well not so much of the hermitting but I stitched and I finished one piece.......  please don't look too closely cos I am off by a couple of threads.  I bought this one who knows when to stitch for our Ruby Wedding anniversary in 2011 and somehow it didn't happen.  But now it's done, and bless the WT's socks he will say it's lovely but if I ask him about it in a week's time he will deny that I ever showed it to him!

Song of Songs
Country Cottage Needleworks
So that's one of the fourteen in '14 done, only thirteen to go........

I spent a mostly happy morning tweaking the blog and adding a gazillion buttons all designed to make me a perfect, on time and frugal stitcher, lol, and I've got another one to add if the organisers are kind enough to let me join.  The mostly happy not happy bit was trying to take off the background picture of Cannon Beach, it just wouldn't leave!  Finally made the background white, which is a bit boring but will do for the moment. 

Did I say on time?  Well, no, I missed posting on the 10th for the Turtle Trot, drat it.  There is a reason why my turtle is laboriously hauling herself up the rock........  going to ignore it for now, hope I don't get thrown out and be there on the 10th of February all bright-eyed and bushy tailed!

And guess what... just got a nice email from Peg over in Australia and I am now an official OPAMer2014 - it stands for One Project A Month and can be anything in the "soft" craft range, projects made from fabric, thread or wool.  They are taking sign ups until February 1st so go on, skedaddle over there if you are interested!  I first saw it mentioned on sweet Dzintra's blog last year or maybe even the year before but was always too late to join.  I was wondering in blog land this morning, as you do, and came across this blog and decided it was A Sign since she lives in Cheshire!  Pop over and say hello, she's nearly a granny again. lol!  And by the way, if you going to visit Dzintra, do NOT go hungry!

Finally, a lovely parcel arrived from Mouse this morning.....

A little sewing tray and a Keep Calm needle minder and the most beautiful scarf/shawl which is for my LAST birthday, lol!  The bag is full of Stef Francis goodies that I asked Mouse to buy for me at Harrogate in November.  Thank you, sweet pea!

Thank you for reading, do leave me a comment and keep stitching!

Lots of love,


  1. What you? Organised? Neeeeeeeiiiigh chance!!!!!! LOL! Love the Song of Songs! Frame it and hang it above your bed and then WT can't fail to see it everyday (although knowing the WT he will probably try hehehe) xxx

  2. Gillie, congrats on the gorgeous finish!! Love this piece. :D

  3. Love the cross stitch. In my experience there are always a couple of threads out - which keeps us trying.

  4. ohhh well done ... love Ally's suggestion heheheh ... glad the parcel arrived safely ... will try not to be as late for this birthday heheheheh I am as organised as you ...lol .and didn't notice the threads out ... love mouse xxxxxx

  5. A beautiful finish Gillie and you are well on target so far this year one finish and we've not even ended the first month.... you can do it!

  6. Not sure I can cope, I think I just read organised, finish, perfect stitcher and Gillie - I think my brain may explode!
    Sorry Gillie, lovely update, your finish is beautiful and a great parcel from Mouse.
    Oh, and can you stop enabling - I've just been to check out OPAM2014 - Thanks. x

  7. Well, your blog looks so very different and organized! Lovely finish.

  8. You certainly had a very productive hermitting weekend starting AND finishing a project. Beautiful!

  9. You had me at "perfect stitcher!" Ha ha--good luck on that one, Gillie :) I don't think such a thing exists in real life!

    I love your newest finish--best of luck with the other 13!!

  10. Congrats on your cute finish, Gillie!

  11. I didn't know this pattern from CCN but I love it !!

  12. A beautiful finish. Your gift from Mouse is just lovely.


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