Monday, January 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014... Grow Your Blog....And Other Sundries!

My first Stitch from Stash 2014 post! 

Like so many of us, I NEED this challenge, either that or to live past the next millennium! I did okay but surprising how it mounts up!  I bought a couple of DMC threads thinking I had to send them in an RR but turns out we all use our own as each piece arrives.  However, I had a momentary qualm about dye lots and went ahead and sent the colour used to "frame" the piece since I had two skeins of one dye lot and one of another!  The fabric came from stash AND the pattern.  I'll post a picture in another post as forgot to take one before it went winging its merry way to Lynn in Lancashire!

I also bought some Congress cloth and stretcher bars, some ecru perle and a skein of Caron Impressions to use in an EGA piece that we will be stitching at our March meeting.  The cloth will be paid for out of chapter funds which is nice!

So, time for some accounts.....

For RR - DMC x 6 @ 40 cents each (sorry UK!) minus 15% coupon plus tax = $2.04
? - Weeks and GAST threads (ashamed to say can't remember what for) @ 2.00 each minus 10%  discount for EGA plus tax $9.54
For EGA March meeting - Caron Impressions and perle cotton minus 10% for guild  discount plus tax $5.36

Grand Total: $16.94

As they used to say on my school reports in maths.......could do better!  I could take off the DMC as the RR was arranged last year and being on the programme committee for EGA I need to make a sample of the project, but I will be strong....!  It will be interesting to see just how much I do spend/take from stash over the year.  To that end, I have also decided to keep a running total for fabric, yarn and craft magazines too.....

Stop Press - just saw an email from Mel so have removed the stretcher bars from the list, hooray!

Cotton yarn for dishcloths as I am working my way through a crochet book

5 @ $2.19 and 1 @ $1.29 cotton yarn $12.24

Stitch magazine (UK Embroiderers Guild) - was completely swayed by cover (fabric cupcakes) and then nothing appealed inside.  I used a gift card from Christmas and my B and N discount but still came to a whopping $10.79

Fabric $0

Moving swiftly on.....

Today was reveal day on Needlecraft Haven for our monthly Christmas Challenge and the design came from here, the fabric and threads were from stash....

A freebie from The Little Stitcher
The Sheep Day
December 1, 2013 post

It pays to hold onto small pieces
of fabric - wasn't this perfect?
Don't hold your breath but maybe I'll have twelve finished ornaments next December!  Well, a stitcher can but dream!  We have another sweet (and small!) one for February so I am reasonably hopeful for another month, at least!

This has been a fun weekend in the world of blogging because of the lovely Vicki.  A lot of blogs to check out and say something nice!  I am hoping to visit them all and leave a comment, wish me luck!  There is still time to visit them all and perhaps enter a giveaway (including mine!) and leave a comment on the January 25th post.  Names will be drawn (with a few exceptions) on February 15th.

This stitching from stash seems to have had a trickle down effect in food shopping, eating out and book buying for the Kindle......  I've been keeping my receipts this month from the supermarket (apologies to those who know exactly how much they spend!) and for each meal have tried to use an item from the pantry and/or the freezer.  It's working well and we've had some good meals, a couple from here, the Chicken Paprika, Black Beans and Rice and the Honey Lime Fruit Salad will all be made again.  No eating out until February, even though it's my birthday today, sniff, and only free books have been allowed on the Kindle...... pretty impressive, don't you think?

I'll leave you with a weather update...... looking at the inches on the left of the ruler........

There are actually steps below the steps you can see...
and one of us has to risk life and limb on them
Why?  I'll tell you, it's all to do with a
cup of coffee and a door opener.....
just sayin'
See, DJ, no feet!

Right leg covered with snow to the knee...and the left was the same!

Sunday Selections will pick up next week with something completely unrelated to winter weather!

Wherever you are, enjoy your week and keep warm/cool!


  1. Congrats at staying within the monthly budget!

    We have lots of snow here too and bitter cold temps...I am just waiting for SPRING to show up!

  2. Lovely report Gillie, I've just done mine too. Magazines are so expensive ~ I have one I subscribed to last year but not sure I will continue with it as it could lead to more stash buying!

  3. Did I hear birthday??! (Scrolling back to double check) I did !!! Happy Birthday Gillie!!!! I do hope you had an absolutely fantastically marvelous time!!

  4. Well done on budgeting so well this month. We have seen a knock on effect with food shopping too which I found odd but it's all good. I am so jealous of that snow. Sadly if we had that much in the UK, the entire country would grind to an absolute halt!

  5. A good report, never mind the could do better... I think it should say 'the girl did good'.
    Brrrr that is some deep snow you are having, mmm maybe i'll keep my rain after all lol.
    I love the backing fabric for your Jan ornament, so cute.
    Happy stitching and staying warm and cosy inside.

  6. Happy Birthday Gillie belated I think . Love the backing fabric too for your ornie , but of course I would its sheep isnt it.
    Lots of layers I think Gillie ,just wellies and sou'westers here.

  7. Love your finish and the fabric is just perfect, now what is this monthly Christmas Challenge? Have I missed it! Love the snow makes me feel lovely and cool! I'll swap you a little snow for some Aussie heat!
    Libbie :@

  8. Yes, that is the perfect sheepie fabric. Well done. We are suffering the same weather on this side of the lake.

  9. Good for you, GIllie!! And aren't you glad you're paying U.S. prices for DMC?! I'm so, so tired of this cold snowy weather--it's -7° here this morning and all the schools are closed (but not the library, unfortunately)! Stay warm with your stitching :)

  10. I've noticed the "trickle down" effect on my spending this month, too. It's made me much more careful and I've used a lot of what I had around rather than buying more. Good for us!! :)

    BTW, I hope you'll have an extra latte at the little coffee shop in my honor!

  11. Good luck with all you propose to do including stitching from your stash.. loved the NH freebie I am going to stitch that myself
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  12. Wonderful budgeting and not just on stitching stuff. Happy belated birthday. Thanks for the link to the sheep freebie - the finishing fabric is perfect. We don't have the snow and cold like you do, but for here it's really cold.

  13. Can't quite make out the date - it's sort of blurry - on your blog but happy birthday if it's today!Gosh, that looks cold.

  14. Happy Birthday Gillie. Good shopping. Wow lots of snow. We are getting snow now which is not a normal occurrence for us

  15. mmm a lot of snow there, feel free to keep it to yourselves ;-) Good budgeting, now you just need some finishes to show how good you've been at those LOL!

  16. Certainly a lot of snow when the steps get covered!
    Stitching and crochet eh? I don't do either, my mum used to knit and crochet and once tried to get me interested, but it just isn't my thing. I did a little cross stitch once...

  17. You reached you SFS goal, congratulations. And isn't it great to see the side effect on general budgeting? I have had the same effect on my book buying habit. I used to buy a book each weekend but haven't since the start of the year because I first want to read the books from shelves and the ones I regularly bring home from the library, lol.
    Happy belated Birthday, Gillie!!!

  18. I am in love with your sheep finish ~ from the stitches and the buttons to the fabric on the back!!

  19. Great Stitch from Stash report this month! Your NH monthly ornie is adorable!


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