Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yarn Along Wednesday

I saw a reference to this on Karoline's blog and thought I'd give it a go as part of the new, improved and organized Mrs WT, grin!  However since both Karoline and Ginny from Small Things seem like really nice ladies and I didn't want to frighten them off I thought I would SHOW ALL in the way of knitting WiPs just in case I have too much.  They include but are not necessarily limited to...

Prayer shawls (four), one off the needles but needs blocking (bleuch) and ends sewn in and the rest just  on the needles, hardly started

Shawlettes (seven)  in gathering everything together I realized I had knitted/am in the process of knitting FIVE of the same pattern, Trillian! I've also knitted two of the Hitchhiker one which I first saw in Wyoming and loved it.  Pattern details here

On the left is a project bag to keep the current knitting work safe.  I found the pattern over here at Jenny's blog.  She intended it to keep linens together for each bed but I thought it would be a great way to hold stitching or knitting and use up some fat quarters!

I have a feeling I cropped rather too enthusiastically and my socks have disappeared!

The book on Kindle was one I just finished late last night Hushabye featuring a young detective in the UK.  It was/is right now free but will have to wait to download the second one as am on a no-buying streak for Kindle for at least January and it costs $3.99!

I'll be back next Wednesday hopefully having narrowed down my choices and who knows, maybe a finish?


  1. That all looks so pretty Gillie, its always nice to see lots of woolly projects to drool over... happy knitting whatever you choose to work on first today.

  2. Thanks gillie for showing all these things I don't feel quite so bad about all my WIPs and UFOs.

  3. Where do you find the time to knit as well?! I try....but just can't seem ot find time! Hmmm.....let me revise that.....I blame the lack of knitting on's too hot to be fiddling with wool and stuff :D Hope you make some progress with those WIPS!


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