Monday, February 10, 2014

February Turtle Trot and a lovely gift!

Time for another progress report.... it's the 10th of the month so it's this one - the very slow (here, at least) Turtle Trot 2014.  I signed up for this last month but have a feeling I didn't follow the rules and post my intended BAPs.....  well, not to worry, the point is to get 'em stitched!

So what I have achieved?  Um, not much on the big projects, for sure.  I am feverishly trying to get a couple of RRs completed and into the mail this month, one I am very late with and the other I will be spectacularly early!

One I am REALLY enjoying is this one..... a couple of weeks ago I was reading  a post from Julie where she mentioned she had just begun Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth's Designs.  This has been in my stash for ever so I (virtually) plonked myself on Julie's sofa and informed her we would be SALing together - that's what cabin fever does to you, makes you pushy, lol!  She graciously agreed and Tuesday is "our" day to stitch together.  It's hard to put down, you want to keep stitching little boxes!

This was after the first week

...and this is where I am now.
Hard to believe these two pictures are showing the same piece of fabric.  The top one is closest to the real thing.  This is going to be stitched from stash so there are some empty spaces until I find the right substitute.  So that's it.... not much really!

So what's the lovely gift, I hear you say?  Well, at the beginning of the month I got a very unexpected email from the lovely Cath over in Queensland.  We are two of the 600 or so participants in Grow Your Blog 2014 and had left comments on each other's blogs.  I'd won her giveaway for the event!  Much to my surprise the parcel arrived today and I know Cath didn't post it before the 2nd.... just over a week from Oz to US!

Look what she sent..... beginning at the beginning, lol......


A beautiful handmade stitcher's wallet with a candle wicked design on the front, with buttons, needles, thread, fabric, scissors and a tape measure!  Just gorgeous and will be put to good and frequent use!  Thank you so much, Cath.......... have you needed your wellies yet, lol?

There is still time to enter my giveaway here, leave a comment and don't forget to have a look at some of the other blogs taking part!

Time to get back to stitching.... RRs to finish and send off..... complete something for OPAM..... and the Smalls SAL......try not to spend any money on stash....... not a good idea to have a look at the Nashville previews, by the some progress for February's Themalicious......attempt to redeem myself with the Scarlet Letter SAL before the 20th........  stitch a class sample for EGA......the NH monthly challenge........ and pack.......more on that next time!  Off for a bit of a lie down!


  1. Love your gift. Inspired and inspiring.
    And am really impressed at your productivity.

  2. Loving the alphabet. What a fabulous giveaway parcel - stitchers are the best. I got faster when reading the last paragraph - was out of breath at the end!

  3. Gracious?? me?? i think not!! lol. Lots of progress on your NA, its growing nicely. What a super giftie you received from Cath, how lovely and so very useful too. Pack? ooooooeeee a trip away from the snowzone?

  4. I was just admiring Julie's NA yesterday. So lovely this project is. My oh my, you have a LOT going on.

  5. Would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    Helen in MI

  6. Lovely progress on your alphabet Gillie.

    Love what you won in the giveaway. So pretty.

  7. Fabulous gift and great progress on Nature's Alphabet.


  8. Nature's Alphabet is looking so pretty, Gillie--it's fun to follow along with you and Julie on your progress. Too bad I already stitched this one--I would have joined in :)

    Nice gifts from Cath, too--enjoy!! Amazing that they arrived that quickly...

  9. Hello Gillie... thought I would just stop by to say hello! :) And loving your blog.
    I am new to the stitching blogs as I started out just blogging to keep me on track with my weight loss. I am loving the stitching community and I think I would like to get more involved. I see on many blogs this... Grow Your Blog.. how do I join in? Infact how do I join in anything? I love stitching and it all just looks like a lot of fun :)
    Your gift is beautiful and I hope you have many wonderful stitching hours with it :)

  10. the alphabet stitchery is lovely! I know what you mean about the fabrics looking completely different colours, that happens to me too!

  11. Hi Gillie, lovely having a read of your blog here, and I had a quick peak at your others as well! Thanks for popping over to visit me as it gave me a quick link back to you. Have a great day

  12. Love the alphabet project. A beautiful gift.

  13. Greetings Gillie! Thanks for the lovely comments and I hope you are enjoying the GYB ride!

  14. Nice progress on your Natures Alphabet. I'm still chuckling about cabin fever making you pushy lol Hopefully before you know it your alphabet will be done and it will be summer :) Happy Stitching!

  15. Lovely progress on Natures Alphabet. Wonderful gifts too.

  16. Well lucky you to receive such a lovely gift! I am enjoying the blog party...still! Your ABC nature stitching is wonderful! Can't wait to see your continued progress and the finished piece! Aloha

  17. The candlewicking is beautiful. I've never tried it, but always liked it. Hope you enjoy your gift.

    I guess I should get busy and post a progress blog post.


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