Sunday, September 21, 2014

A long absence...a little stitching and a problem with language.....

Well, hello!  Where have you been?  Oh, wait, it was me that disappeared, wasn't it?  I think I left you in Wyoming at the end of February where I had a lovely week with the small cowboys and even smaller cowgirl.  The WT was in Denver but sadly couldn't make it up to Casper as he had to fly straight off to San Diego.......with me following close behind.  Did you (and he) honestly think I was going to slink back to Michigan on my own, to the polar vortex and the ongoing white stuff?

San Diego was skies......delicious meals....smiling passers-by..... get the idea.  Though I did feel the tiniest bit silly clomping into the hotel in  my boots.....

The usual long journey back to the Midwest, late arriving into Chicago, and by now in a lot of pain from the messed up discs in my neck. I'd had a pain free two years while we were in England and another eighteen months here but goodness, chronic pain, which I am sure a lot of you wearing.  I began the usual round of doctor, physio, back to doctor, xrays, MRI and finally, three and half months epidural injection which seems to have quieted the nerves for the moment.  It seems a long time to wait but I wanted a particular doctor to administer it and so, apparently, did lots of other people! 
So, a part explanation as to why I have been missing for so long, team that with a distinct lack of enthusiasm for blogging, stitching and even commenting and here we are in the middle of August nearly at the end of September ! 

And yes, Liz, if you're reading......this post was begun a bit ago and no, have not lost my mind.... well, no more than usual!
Pre-epidural, there was another trip, this time to DC, where we got to see DC girl and Big Cousin. I had a lovely lunch and visit to the Stitching Post in Baltimore with my Maryland chums, DJ and Astrid and was very restrained in my spending.  Mel casts a long shadow with Stitch from Stash, lol!  Soon, Astrid had to leave for the school run so DJ and I decamped to her house where she made me tea and kept up a steady supply of hot pads for my neck and arm and ignored my whining misery! 
I wasn't the only one whining on that trip, the poor WT had to give two presentations feeling like death warmed up with an upper respitory infection and it was a sorry couple that staggered back to Kalamazoo!
The big event of the summer was the marriage of Pittsburgh Girl to Mr E and the acquiring of a sweet seven year old grandson, Mr G!
A lovely week....the whole family in Pittsburgh, vastly outnumbered by Mr E's lovely family but one of our nieces made it over from the UK to add to our numbers!

Then the parents of the above niece made it over the water.....lovely visit, days out, new places, their first time in Michigan.  I must say we do try to vary their holidays by moving to different states, just for them!

So this is being finished and finally posted in a hurry because I gotta go..........!

Au revoir, ta ra!

PS....ha you thought I'd forgotten.....still having language problem after 25 years plus over here....

I asked people to bring deckchairs to a potluck (lawn chairs)
Asked for a sieve in Bed, Bath and Beyond (strainer)
Commented that no one in Michigan uses their indicator when driving (turn signal)

Who knew.....?  And okay......stitching next time!


  1. Welcome back. And I do hope that chronic pain is behaving decently and leaving you alone.

  2. I am sorry you have chronic pain. I too have it with my lower back and left hip for 10 years now. No fun.
    What is funny, are the word differences. ;)

  3. Nice to see you back sorry about the pain.
    Language is a funny thing

  4. Sorry to hear about the chronic pain, hopefully the injection does the trick. You have been busy the last few months.

  5. You have been busy Gillie :)
    Strange.....we use the term indicators here as well....and sieve....and deck chairs.....yet we use the British term flat (apartment) and a whole bunch of others I can't think of offhand......language!

  6. Oh, Gillie, your neck pain sounds miserable! I'm just getting over this four month bout of plantar fasciitis pain and I now realize how chronic pain can really get to you... Hope it improves for you very soon.

    Ahh... San Diego--I've heard that is just about perfect in terms of weather... Lucky you! And a big congratulations to your Pittsburgh girl :)

  7. Well, my friend, you DO get around!! And just so you know, I didn't mind keeping you in hot compresses as you DID brave riding the train with your chronic was a pleasure to see you (always is!) despite the whining (which, honestly, you did very little of!!) I'm hoping the injection lasts a very long time for you and hope you'll be back in our neck of the woods again soon!! I think we need to nag Astrid into a stitch retreat, then we can um...enjoy you for a much longer time!! *Hugs*

  8. As a fellow chronic pain sufferer, I can identify. Sorry you had a rough summer, and hope too that the injection helps. We also stick British words in to the conversation at times. Sometimes they are just better. The nice thing is that, being in Canada, it is sometimes more easily understood.

    I always enjoy your blog, and your travels.

  9. Oh my, Gillie, you are getting around in the world, but then you are the WT's wife, lol. I hope you are spending a great time in England right now. Without too much chronic pain.
    Thanks again for helping me out with the thread.

  10. I once went into a supermarket in Florida and asked (in my Scottish accent) where the trolleys were. Blank looks.


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