Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Giveaway and the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL!

Another long absence, sigh......but during it I got to visit Paris, the UK and DC and had a lovely time in all of them!

But......more of that later.....I was reading Jo's blog, which led me to here to Jacquie's blog.  I had a little (a very kind and sympathetic) chuckle over her frustration at the cost of DMC anywhere but the US.  ....and that gave me an idea......

......a giveaway......and hope Jo doesn't mind but I am sort of (well, I am) hitching it to the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  When you've read about my giveaway, hop over there and sign up for the SAL.....you'll get an extra "go" in the giveaway if you do!

So, here's the deal......first of all...only those living outside the US are eligible.......!

So get on with it, Gillian......what IS the giveaway......?

*****Fifteen (cos it's Jo's 2015 SAL, lol) skeins of your choice of DMC*****

Around December 5th, I will draw a name from the comments, please make sure you have an email so I can reach you.....  I would really like to repeat the giveaway throughout next year but no promises right now!  If you are signed up for the SAL you get two goes, as I mentioned!  If you are only commenting on what a daft idea it is, please make it clear!

And to start it off.......the two J's get an special giveaway each.......!  So, Jo and Jacquie, please email me with your addresses! 

So....who is going to be the lucky recipient?

These are Jo's provisos as to what constitutes Gifted Gorgeousness and I think I can qualify for them all, though whether any progress will be made.......

  • Any chart/kit which was given to you - various Anniversaries of the Heart, maybe some progress will be made?
  • Any chart/kit which you won in a giveaway - a Drawn Thread one gifted me by Andrea
  • Any chart/kit which you bought using a voucher given to you/won by you - I have an unspent gift certificate from Mouse.......
  • Anything stitched on fabric received in the above ways - Joyce gave me a lovely piece called Champagne.....
  • Anything stitched with floss received in the above ways - ditto above plus lots more!
  • Anything embellished or finished with items received in the above ways - ribbon carefully saved from gifts I've received.....
  • Anything which is intended as a gift or prize for another person - as yet unknown exchanges and RAKs in 2015......
  • Anything else you can somehow shoehorn with word "gift" into! Don't know, but by golly, I will find something......!

  • Apropos of absolutely nothing I have written so far.......I leave you with this headline.........

    .......and I scored 132 in Words with Friends and trust me......no one was more surprised than me!

    Bye for now, my feet are freezing, sitting in the basement, so off to heat up some Heinz tomato soup (UK style) bought by the amazing WT to tempt me when I was poorly with the flu this past weekend.


    1. Oh wow! What a kind and generous giveaway! You have just proved me right when I say what a lovely group of people blogging stitchers are. Even those bloggers that abandon us for months while they travel the world!!
      My SAL is one which people can dip in and out of throughout the year. It's not compulsory to post every month so less pressure!

    2. Oh my!! I saw your blog post and well... such a wonderful idea you have.. and how lovely of you to do this too.. as Jo says... "a very generous giveaway".
      I love this blogging community... I have never ever come across a more wonderful bunch of people, its simply awesome being a part of it.
      I signed up the minute I read Jo's post! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing year long SAL..
      Thank You with a BIG smile :)

    3. How very nice of you Gillie. Had a laugh at Paddington.

    4. Hello there. Found my way here via Jacquie. Had to come see what she was so excited about. This is a wonderful gift! So glad to see that Jo's SAL is sparking tons of giving already.
      Please let me know if you need help with this throughout the year if you do intend to continue it! I would love to lend a hand.

    5. So what was the 132 point word? IMWTK
      What a lovely and generous idea for a giveaway

    6. What a generous idea Gillie :) With my postal woes I'll be sitting on the sidelines and cheering the winners along :)
      I, too, am curious about this wonderous word!

    7. Fantastic!!! I did complain about how expensive the cost of thread is in a post before Jacquie :D I had lovely blogging friends coming to the rescue and telling me about shops in UK where I could get floss for just as cheap as in the States!!! That made my day, believe me :) Now placed orders and my collection is just about finish woohooo!!!
      So, your idea is just perfect for a giveaway. Do you mind if I mention it on my blog?? As a follow up to my post about expensive threads?? ... A lot of my readers are out the USA and would be so happy with your generosity... Let me know xoxo

    8. I found Jo's blog and SAL (which I've joined) through Jacquie and now I've come upon your blog as well. What a lovely and generous giveaway.

    9. You're very generous - thank you.

    10. I am coming from Ingrid's aka Mii Stitch blog. I am in Greece and here DMC threads cost 1 euro each! So I'd love to take part in your giveaway if I may. I just became a follower. ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com AriadnefromGreece!

    11. I saw about your generous give-away in Mii Stitch blog. Thank you for the possibility to take part!

    12. I would love to enter. In Finland DMC costs 1,3 € for one skein!

    13. Lovely idea, good luck ladies! (I do not live in the US but please do not count me in for the give away).

    14. I would love to participate, in Spain DMC costs 1,5 euros every floss

    15. I would love to be entered in the giveaway! I live in Canada and our prices are not that great for DMC. Everything here is expensive! Throw my name in the hat :D Thank you!

    16. PS I'm from Doll's Musings but I used my gmail account

    17. Hope you are fully recovered from the flu Gillie.
      You are very generous, lots will be taking advantage of this giveaway.
      (hugs) xxx

    18. Generous giveaway, Gillie, please count me in.

    19. Generous giveaway, please add my name. Here in spain DMC is now 1,5 euros - price went up this year.

    20. Hope the flu is now banished - Heinz tomato soup is the go to feel good soup!
      I too have joined Jo's SAL having received so many fabulous gifts & giveaways.

    21. Bonjour, count me in, only a comment from France. As a faithful reader of JO's blog, I'm not too comfy with translation of GG rules. ;). Amitiés.

    22. In little boutiques in Canada, DMC skeins are expensive.. not that much compared to EU, but for a student, it is ! This is why I want to enter in this :)

    23. What a generous idea! I'm late in cottoning onto this one as I've had a fairly manic couple of weeks, but I have joined in the SAL and would love to be entered into your draw. Thank you!

    24. Hope your feeling better now Gillie. I've signed up for the SAL as you know :) and I'd like to try my luck in your giveaway which is very generous of you


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