Saturday, February 28, 2015

Drat, I had to spend 42 cents for Stitch from Stash!

Yes, it's true, a whopping 42 cents had to be spent because DMC 610 went missing....until, having reluctantly handed over the money, I came home, picked up the stitching and lo and behold the skein (minus its tag) was plastered to the back of the linen!

So...Stitch from Stash for February looked like this.....

Carried over from January   $23.00
February Budget                  $25.00
Finished Stitching *             $00.00
Spent                                    $00.42
Available to spend               $47.58

The * is because I actually DO have a finish that will give me extra $$$ (well, maybe $ as it's very small) but sadly it is still en route to Saudi and the very patient Denise (it was for a Valentine exchange, you read the sad story last time, sigh) does read my blog.

So what can I show you?  Well, this.....Anniversaries of the Heart, begun back in the mists of time but picked up this year with a determination that 2015 will be stitched along with my initials to signify a finish!

Gosh, they look a bit peculiar, but you get the idea.....the top picture is where I had left it back in the mists....most of January done, those creamy shades were a bit of a pain in the ...... and half of February.  The 2015 progress so far is the bottom picture, think it is the May one, slightly odd colours, wouldn't necessarily have chosen them but I am sure altogether it's going to look lovely........!

So......March's challenge is......finish May then the other two blocks........!  So far haven't had to purchase any threads but that may change......

...and onto the .....

You might remember this statement carelessly tossed into the air last time.......

I've decided only complete finishes will be eligible for this SAL
so you may well not see me back here again, lol!
....well, I am back and broke the rule to bring you this.......

.....Yuletide designed by the talented Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers, one of my favourite designers.  Don't you love the bubblegum pink house?

I think all I have left to show you are the charts I bought back in January but never posted a picture.....

La D Da (another favourite), PS Prairie Fairies (never heard of them until now), Sheepish Designs and a completely new to me (still in business?) Curtis Boehringer Cross Stitch from the early 90s.  All for the grand sum of $4.00 at our January EGA chapter meeting stash sale!
And I'll leave you with the early morning light on the wall looking into the sitting room......
The third month of the year begins tomorrow, yikes, maybe the snow will begin to disappear.....
getting a bit tired of gazing at the vast expanse of white beyond our back's time for the swans and their friends to return.
Take care, dear hearts, do leave me a comment, they make my day!
love, Gillie


  1. Wonderful Paulette stitch and great additions to you stash.

  2. Goodness you have been busy. And yes, I hope the swans fly in soon to relieve your monochromatic palette outside. Some of our black ones would be dramatic...

  3. Great patterns!
    Congrats on staying in budget!
    Nice WIP!

  4. Great new stash Gillie. Those prairie fairies are cute! And way to go on the stitching front!
    The weather on this end of the world has definitely been changing....autumn is a-coming for sure!

  5. Lovely new stash! I love the Prairie Fairies too.

  6. Awwww, such great new patterns, they are so beautiful. And you were doing well on both your SALs. I always have the intention to show something finihsed for the Smalls SAL but soemtimes it just doesn't happen. Wow, .42 spent last month for the SFS - that's what I call successful.
    Enjoy your Anniversaries stitching. I will soon get back to mine as well.

  7. Lovely small design. I like your January purchases.

  8. Wow, that skein nearly broke the bank! You got some nice stash for just $4 though.
    I really like your Plum Street tall skinny houses, so much fun.
    I'll send you the list for the draw now GG link up is closed.

  9. Nice stashing, Gillie. Stitching looks good... maybe next month you'll get more done. :)

  10. How annoying! At least you didn't find it stuck to your skirt though (yep, that's happened to me)
    Love the Plum Street finish

  11. Great job staying within budget this month. I also love Plum Street Samplers. Cute new stash!

  12. Great job on your budget! Love your new stash additions, especially the Sheepish Designs chart and your stitch is so beautiful - I love Plum Street Samplers too.

  13. Wow, my Dear! You are really humming along! Well done on your finish! I like Paulette's patterns as well. So happy to get a peek at your Anniversaries of the looks great, can't wait to see more! Congrats on keeping in your budget and love your new charts! *Hugs*

  14. I think Yuletide is lovely! Great work.

    And isn't it always the way that what you are looking for shows up as soon as you buy a replacement. Ugh.

  15. Yuletide is very pretty.
    Only a teeny tiny spend this month, that's brilliant.
    {hugs} x

  16. Well done on your tiny spend Gillie :)

    Lovely stitching. I need to get back to my anniversaries. Just have 3 more to do plus the bonus bit.

    Yuletide is lovely.

  17. LOL Oh, Gillie! I had to laugh. "42 cents?" I say to myself -- "how the heck did she spend 42 cents??!?!?!" lol

    Congrats on your Anniversaries progress... mine are still a pile of patterns though I fondle them longingly with great regularity.

  18. LOL Oh, Gillie! I had to laugh. "42 cents?" I say to myself -- "how the heck did she spend 42 cents??!?!?!" lol

    Congrats on your Anniversaries progress... mine are still a pile of patterns though I fondle them longingly with great regularity.

  19. Your stitching is so lovely. Though I haven't attempted anything involving threads and sharp needles for many years, I treated myself to a set of little penguin kits after a trip to Antarctica. I think I may have been a tad too ambitious! Thanks for popping into Cupcake Towers.

  20. well done Gillie!! Same thing happened to me, I needed a few feet of DMC 930, searched everywhere, my stock control said I had 3 skeins at one stage.....where were they??....checked each project which used it, not there....checked every floss luck. So bought one for 98 cents, bit more than you have to pay LOL!!! DMC has always been dearer here.

    Julie in Oz


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