Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness for February.......

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL

I was going to show you a gift for a friend, an exchange actually, but quite frankly it turned out to be somewhat UNgorgeous after I had decided to "quick" finish it using the sewing an apologetic email had to be sent post haste to Saudi....and a sweet, forgiving one came straight back!

I did find this......a Jardin Prive one that was gifted to me by my sweet friend, Tricia, after I had admired her finished stitching a couple of years ago.

Any chart/kit which was given to you.........

Jardin Prive
Douceur de Vivre
The chart sat in my "one day" pile until I was desperately looking for a welcome chart to stitch for a Round Robin last year.  Not easy to find, at least ones that I liked, but I suddenly realised this one was a good choice........for me particularly!  As some of you know, I have moved a lot, first with my parents wherever the British Army deemed, then, with the WT, around the UK and some of the US.  So, a design with five houses on it seemed well nigh perfect along with a stitcher and a gardener!
The stitching was completed by four ladies, one in New England and three in the UK and all I have left to do is the border and chart the word Welcome along the lower edge.

Coincidentally, another JP design is winging its way around the Friendly Stitchers RR, I think it's in Yorkshire right now.....looking forward to seeing that one home too!

If you are curious about this SAL, click on the link on the right hand column and head over to Jo's blog to find out all about what's involved.......

Hope you are all keeping warm, in Michigan it is COLD with nasty wind chills, blowing snow and the chance of frostbite after 30 minutes we make sure we always have warm clothes and a blanket along with a charged cell phone in the car.....just in case.......

Just a quick post....see you all


  1. What a great idea for a round robin piece! It looks so pretty. I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. I agree with Tricia - this piece is just gorgeous for a Round Robin. And you will finish it very soon. I stitched it many years ago and it was such a fun stitch because it has all the little motives that I love to stitch.

  3. It was such a great choice for the RR, its looking beautiful.
    love and {hugs} x

  4. What a lovely pattern, I love JP designs! And this one seems perfectly suited for someone who has moved as often as you have! Just right for a RR as well! Hope you are staying safe and warm where you are!! *Hugs*

  5. I'll bet at this point in the winter, you wish your husband's next job move would be to Miami :) Love the little RR piece and how nice of Tricia to gift you with that cute design :) Stay warm!!

  6. Stay warm .i love JP designs I need to stitch a few more

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month (and donating the prize!). The house chart is lovely and so appropriate for you too! Although maybe you need one with a few more houses on.

  8. A lovely piece Gillie! Stay warm and cosy!

  9. Oh dear ... sewing machines scare me. Sorry about your finish. Love your welcome RR. We're freezing here in PA also. They're calling for record lows tonight .... brrrrr!

  10. Gillie, thanks for the CCN chart and threads you sent me! It was so nice of you to donate this prize. The design is adorable! And don't feel to badly about sending it to Florida. It's actually been very chilly here for the past several days. Some of us are even wearing (gasp...) sweaters! And socks!

  11. It's a bit chilly here too, after some mild days that made us think that spring was round the corner. Brrr.


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