Monday, March 23, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness and a Gift? from Mother Nature......

A lovely walk in one of our many forest preserves this morning......just coming up to the home stretch, the thought of coffee quickening our steps.....what was that, a small drop of moisture on our faces?  No....can't be.....all that's gone until next winter.......ha!  Welcome to spring in Michigan!

Well, let's pretend it's not there......where were we?  ..... oh right......Gifted Gorgeousness.......

All details about this wonderfully encouraging SAL can be found here, on Jo's blog.....

Anything which is intended as a gift or prize for another person

This time it's me doing to the giving, lol, instead of stitching on or using something I received.  Over on Friendly Stitchers we had a Valentine's Exchange and you read of how I ruined my little piece by  careless sewing up so let's not dwell on that little parcel finally arrived in Saudi Arabia, whew, along with some little bits......

I can't tell you how long it took to put together.....not that there was much stitching to do.....just that I was worried I would mess up again so I carefully cut around the linen, found some fabric and lace and left it sitting on the table for about four days, picking it up and putting it down again....until, enough.....just do it!  Not perfect but used my lovely friend, Carol's, tip about backing your linen for a smoother finish and it did help a lot.  Thanks, Carol!  I was glad to say Denise liked her gift.....when she finally got it!

The WT is gone what's new?  This time it's Boston, last week it was Wisconsin and the week before......Brazil!  I am trying hard to think of all the lovely air miles, lol!

Well, dear hearts, must leave you.....I am desperately trying to keep to my goal of finishing a part of Anniversaries of the Heart this month.....I'll be back and able to "pay" myself, I hope, on Stitch from Stash with a 2015 finish!



  1. What a lovely finish! I can understand the trepidation if you've "goofed up" once!! Did you send the flurries this way? We are supposed to have some tomorrow nice of you to share! Maybe with all his extra miles you can take a trip with him? Good luck with Anniversaries!

  2. Gifted gorgeousness is the perfect description. Wow.

  3. Lovely finish Gillie - hope the Michigan weather improves

  4. A very lovely finish, Gillie, and a great little gift. I usually leave the smalls that I want to finish lying on my desk with some possible ribbons and fabrics for the finishing because it's always so hard to decide how to finish them. And sometimes the enlightenment comes after looking at them for several days, lol.
    I hope Nature's gift has disappeared by now and spring has appeared.

  5. Very beautiful finish. You are braver than I. I have a 12X12 box full of smalls that I have not dared to finish. Some day I will have to buckle down and do something with them.

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
    The heart pillow looks great especially with the heart shaped button.

  7. A lovely and very pretty pillow.


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