Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stitch, Stash and Smalls.....

Short and sweet as it's 9:35 pm EST on March 28th so up against the wire...

Carried over from February $47.58
March Budget                       $25.00
Pincushion                            $04.00
Spent                                     $00.00
Available to spend                $78.58

The pincushion is the one from my this post so won't bore you with another picture.........and alas it is the only finished item I have for this SAL.......

.......but hoping for better this next month.......look on the bright side......a quarter of the way through the year and here I am......up to date with THREE SALs!

I'll leave you with a great picture as not particularly photogenic but delicious.......

Tarragon Chicken from Eating Well magazine.  Substituted chicken thighs as always when chicken breasts are called for, tastier and cheaper and used plain yoghurt instead of the sour cream.  I never know what to do with the rest of the container, with yoghurt you can eat it as a pudding!  It got the WT seal of approval!



  1. Well done at you budget
    Love your pincusion
    What a lovely gift
    Wish you a happy sunday

  2. Well done on SFS and being up to date with the SAL's. xx

  3. Great job with your SFS and Smalls stitching.


  4. Combin ing three SALs in one post, wow, that's not bad, lol. And you were doing great on them.

  5. Kudos on doing so well with SFS in March.

  6. That all sounds very Scottishly thrifty, though I didn't entirely follow it.

    You'd be very welcome to come and have a coffee on my "new" sofa any time!

  7. Well done your SFS for March. Wonder if we can keep it up all year!

  8. Hello! Lovely to 'meet' you. I've really enjoyed reading back through your blog posts. Great idea to stitch from stash and you've made some gorgeous items. You seem to be living rather an exciting life travelling around. x


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