Monday, July 6, 2015

A Plan for July......

Don't faint, as my friend Jo would say........but less than a month and I'm back!  Focus is the new, half year word....and my goodness, isn't it needed!  Stitching picked up, two stitches, put down again, another piece picked up......same thing again so.......a list was

July Goals
One so far achieved!
Not only has my part of the RR been finished but it's been mailed to's that for unusual efficiency?  And here it is........

Frances' Round Robin piece
The Drawn Thread
Calendar of Flowers?
(oh dear, forgotten already!)
and......wait, there's more........I've chosen a new Gifted Georgeousness piece.......and I'll remember to post on the 15th (fingers crossed!) ........June was a bit of a failure, to be honest.......too much excitement and travel!

Cottage Garden Samplings
June's Honeysuckle
Gifted by Joyce

I have all the threads for this, substituted a couple, Mel, are you reading this?  Impressed?......just need to find the fabric and I'm ready........

I'll be to put up some pictures on t'other blog of said trip.......

Hope everyone is staying warm or cool and not watching too much of the news, horror everywhere.....keep praying and above kind......


  1. The RR is looking gorgeous.
    Sad the way life gets in the way of our plans isn't it?

  2. The RR is a chart I bought the other day along with the silks to stitch it it's called A Year of Flowers
    Hope you manage

  3. The RR looks super. Nice one you chose for the GG too.

  4. Your contribution to the round robin piece is gorgeous, Gillie! Good luck with your July goals :)

  5. I think your trip away is just what you needed to clear the cobwebs and focus! Well done on the RR, it really is a joy to stitch! Can't wait to see what you'll do with the GG piece. I'm working on July's now! I'll be your cheerleader....GO GILLIE!!

  6. The RR is lovely. I do like the Drawn Threads designs.
    I also love the Cottage Garden Samplings monthly series too. But I'm doing the Wordplay already, do I need another monthly series? I already have the Brooke's Books cakes series started (two months only)

  7. Such a great RR piece that you stitched on. DT has such great designs and I had never seen this calendar piece before.

  8. The RR is looking so pretty.


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