Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitch from Stash 2015-B

How on earth did we get to the end of July?  Quick.....Stitch from Stash.......nothing to report.....either with a finish or a purchase so......

Starting with a clean slate in July.......

Budget $25.00
Spent    $00.00
carry forward to August $25.00

Hope everyone is well?  Its hottish here, high eighties, nothing dramatic but a bit wearing, AC is wonderful but miss sleeping with open windows at night......the WT is popping here and there so no cooking which is nice but miss the lovely chap when he's away.

Lots of lovely veg from the raised beds, so far....... beans, beetroot, chard, chilis, courgettes, lettuce, peppers snow/sugar snap peas tomatoes, and still to come spuds, sprouts and spinach!

Able to take some to the Food Pantry too. 

Well, off to watch a DVD, got a day spare to link up with Jo, just as well as I need to take some pictures!

lots of love, smile a lot and be kind!


  1. What a successful farmer you make. Glad you shared with the Food Pantry.

  2. Well done on the zero spend Gillie!
    Wish I could do the whole gardening thing! I always plan to....but never get into the garden! Maybe next year........ :D

  3. Can you please send me some of your heat, as someone has stolen our summer weather!!

  4. Well done on the zero spend. It's pretty chilly here in the UK. x


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