Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness........ON TIME!

I know, I know.......still just over three hours of September 15th left and here I am!  Jo, I do hope you are sitting down........?  Whoops, someone fan her a bit..........!

Well quite frankly I've just been completely occupied with keeping up with the Kaye SALs and not had much time for anything else.......no, I'm not going to explain, hop over there and she will!  On the Prairie Schooler one I offered a little giveaway and Miss Ariadne in beautiful Greece won and it was sent on its way there last Tuesday. I bought one too as you can see from the picture......

The last Prairie Schooler Santa
It's been a revolving door summer with lots of travel and three sets of visitors, the third to arrive tomorrow, and we are off up north for an explore.

I don't think I've said much about our Australian trip back in June.  Way back in February, the WT came back from Phoenix and said an Australian colleague wanted him out there to attend a convention and do some training for her sales force.......well, we laughed gently and said it'll never happen, won't be in the budget, blah, blah and by the way, dear heart, you know you're not going on your own, don't you?  Well, April came, and blow me down the big cheese said yes.......an eye wateringly amount of dollars were exchanged for two return tickets to Brisbane and a side trip to Sydney and off we went, clutching passports and visas!  I must say....if there is any chance for you to fly with QANTAS then do it!  A lovely group of flight attendants on both airplanes and let me tell you, just as nice and smiling at the end of the fourteen hours as at the beginning!

Since we had a seven hour lay over in LA another extravagance was a lounge pass, only it wasn't..........worth every penny cent!

We took lots of photographs to bore entertain you and here's just a very few from the Wednesday market in Brisbane's City Plaza. 

I forget what they were selling but
weren't modest about the claim!


The sad thing about markets when you are travelling is that you want to buy lots, especially those delicious looking salad greens to plant in the herb or vegetable garden, most of which I had never heard of.

Time for bed, a huge order came in at the food pantry today to be sorted and stacked......almost two tons!

Keep smiling and your hands busy!


  1. How wonderful you were able to venture to the other side of the world with the WT, what great sights you saw.
    Nice PS Santa, will you have yours stitched for this year? only asking lol.

  2. I missed the post yesterday, late as usual. That's a fun chart; I'm getting my copy this weekend (hopefully!). Lovely pictures; I'm glad you were able to go and had a wonderful time. It's my husband's dream to go to Australia one day.

  3. I've just joined this, better late than never lol. Gorgeous photos xx

  4. Lovely stitching! And yes, I nearly fell off my chair when you beat me to the post on GG!! Your pictures of Brisbane are lovely...but knowing you this is only a sampling, am I right? I need more!! (Greedy aren't I?) I'm afraid to know what poos are! LOL!! Enjoy your visitors!

  5. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, and on time too! Mind you, with the amount of travelling you've been doing I'm surprised you even know which time zone you are in LOL
    Lucky you getting a trip to Australia! I was offering a day out in Hunstanton this summer courtesy of Anglia Water. Not quite the same but I got some frisbees and a nice bag...

  6. Thank you for the Santa who arrived safely and I am starting stitching it already!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. I have the same feeling when I travel and visit a farmer's market - I'd love to buy so many of these delicious looking vegetables and fruits and have to retrain from doing so, lol.

  8. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for you. I haven't been into town for those markets for a couple of years.


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