Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Stitch from Stash or I made to the end of the first the black!

Well, this month I travelled nearly 9,000 miles to buy some stash.......and got to the end of the first half of the Stitch from Stash year!  So.....

Carried forward from last month                    $81.59
Spent at All Threads, Brisbane                      -$41.76
Spent at Mosman Needlecraft, Sydney          -$38.81
June Budget                                                     $25.00
Total remaining to spend                                 $26.02

........and only three days left to spend it........since we all start with a clean slate on 1st July!  Hmm, nothing I really need so I might just let it go........

I'll be back tomorrow (maybe) with some photographs of our trip and my Gifted Gorgeousness post - in the right place this time, sorry, Jo!