Saturday, August 29, 2015

August SFS

squeaking in again, no pictures. Just the facts, ma'am!

Carried forward 25.00
August budget 25.00
Spent 43.00
Balance 7.00

Yikes, I'd better watch it, I bought some fabric to do the next RR on as well as some threads......and I'm going to the Stitching Post on Monday with DJ and Astrid........oh dear!

Hope you are all well....back soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August's Gifted Gorgeousness and almost on time!

I know......I'm amazed as you are.......August 22nd, no less and only a week late for the GG SAL.......see, Jo, I CAN (almost) do it!

Very little stitching around these parts so no goals for August, we had visitors for a fortnight from the UK and Pittsburgh Girl, Mr E and Mr G drove up from Pittsburgh through construction, storms and general Friday night traffic yuckiness to see PG's aunt and uncle so a very full house for a couple of nights. 

Well, the one I really want to show you is this little beauty from Mary - isn't it lovely? A Teresa Wentzler freebie found here called Peacock Tapestry Ornament.


and this was what I sent to Mary, after much faffing about.  I stitched one, disliked my colour choices AND the pattern, went to Australia, came back, still hated it and in two days flat, stitched and finished the one the poor girl eventually received and she was kind enough to say she liked it.  I sent it with a skein of Threadworx.

Tiny Little Quaker
Papillon Creations
Gloriana Forest Fire
(I think!)
To finish off....a couple of pictures from last Tuesday morning, a beautiful mist combined with the sunrise over a farm near our home.

Well, dears, it's getting late so I'm off to bed.  Love and hugs, don't forget to smile and be kind to all!