Sunday, January 10, 2016

C'est Fini!

It seemed appropriate to write the title in French.......the first of many finishes for 2016, God willing and the creek don't's a French chart and the WT was last heard of in Montpellier, France, drinking something red in a glass........where it was 60 F or 15 C.........

Here, on the other hand, in south west Michigan, the wind is gusting to 31 mph, the wind chill is 4F or -16C and the temperature is 19F or -7C......

......but are we downhearted?  Nope, because I really do have a finish........this is where I started......

when it was returned to me after crossing the UK and the States a few times in an RR.  And this is where I finished.....

Jardin Prive
Lettre S comme Soie
Threadworx overdyed thread
I wrote down 11011 but not sure that's right - Hydrangea
Chart bought at the Inspired Needle, Lemont IL 

....and yes, I cheated, added two buttons as had had enough of the motifs, lol and the S of Sourire will be getting two tiny buttons when I find what I want.....but the stitching is finished.

I'm really proud of myself because I am a stitching (and everything else) butterfly usually, flitting from project to project but not this week....because I listed four goals at the beginning of the week.......comme  ci...... and I stuck to them.......

RR stitched on and mailed - did it arrive?
JP piece finished
and quite a bit done on Her Sampler, look, here's the start on Monday

and this was where I arrived today.....

so we might have something to show on Gifted Gorgeousness on Friday!  Don't hold your breath though, this is me we are talking about.

Sadly, #4 got not one bit of attention but I have meetings on Wednesday and Thursday so might be able to rectify matters.

Well, I'm not going to list the goals for next week right now, I'm just going to sit in a glow of satisfaction!

I hope, wherever you are, cool or warm, you are well and happy.

Gillie x

PS I'm quite giddy, 10:30 pm......another finish!  Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth's Designs, so silly, all I had to do was sew on the charm (which I had) and stitch the year.  I'm not sure when I bought the chart but in February 2014 (almost two years ago) Julie and I began a SAL on a Tuesday, I fell by the wayside fairly soon, but Julie, being of a more determined nature, finished hers in record time AND brought it to show me when we met in the autumn of that year.  Dear Julie, I hope it's not too much of a shock!

Instead of the black work trellis between the squares I chose to stitch Rhodes stitches at the intersections.

NOW I'm off to bed, three finishes would just be too much!

Sleep well!


  1. your robin looks great! I loved stitching on that one. and great start in Her Sampler. you did great with your goals...maybe I should start writing mine down!

  2. your robin looks great! I loved stitching on that one. and great start in Her Sampler. you did great with your goals...maybe I should start writing mine down!

  3. Wow, I'm in awe. Two finishes and another project with some very nice progress - you must be exhausted, lol. No, seriously, congratulations on finishing such nice things.
    I also have a stitching diary and have just started a new one because the other one was full. I love writing down everything from plans to progress to finishes.

  4. Good for you! They both are lovely.
    We are having the same bitterly cold weather on this side of the Lake.

  5. Woohoo!! Way to go, Gillie!! If you could keep up this pace you'd have 150 finishes by the end of the year!! LOL :) Stay warm!!

  6. congratulations, 2 finishes already and we're still in January, setting a bad precedent for the rest of us lol! Absolutely adore the Natures Alphabet xx

  7. Wonderful Gillie I suppose if I got off my iPad and stitched I could have a finish too but still not feeling great so perhaps better to just try and look at blogs

  8. That's amazing, two great finishes in one post.
    Love the thread colour in the S.
    The Nature's Alphabet is lovely and I remember commenting regularly on Julie's as she stitched.

  9. Wow! Two lovely, lovely finishes, Gillie!! I am very proud of you :) I finished Nature's Alphabet and actually got it framed a few years ago. It hangs at the bottom of my stairway in our front hall--just love it!

    It is only 19 here, too, at least we haven't dealt with much snow this winter! Happy New Year!!

  10. I can just feel it, Gillie, this is going to be your year!! I'm impressed with your organization, and even more impressed with your finishes! Well done! Can you send some of your mojo this way? By the answer your question...yes the RR did arrive today!

  11. WOOHOO ..... yippee.... dancing around the room.... phew that's enough of that exercice, well done gal!!

  12. Love the "S" piece, and how nice to have two finishes great work.

  13. Ohmygosh Gillie! Your stitching is so amazing! It would take me YEARS to get that much done -- Well Done! Thanks for your little note -- I hope the WT makes it home safely!!! Stay Warm!

  14. Look at you go! I love, love the French design and finish. Very nice. Funny as I looked at natures alphabet all I could think was... hm... that's familiar. Well of course it is as I (apparently) own it. lol!!

  15. Two gorgeous finishes, love the Jardin Prive piece, especially.


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