Friday, January 15, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness or how one small ornament stretched across three SALs!

Well.........!  Tail end Charlie am I?  I'll show 'er!  I'll have you know I was up at 5am this morning, Miss J. finishing off my wee ornament, so there!  And it's very wee!

Sing Noel
Primrose Needleworks
The Gift of Stitching
Issue 35 December 2008

I used a much more traditional colour than the ones called for in the pattern because I wanted to use a skein of Threadworx Christmas Time given to me by my dear friend in Yorkshire, Frances (no blog) as part of an exchange last year.  I added a little snowflake charm from my stash and gold beads.
I stitched the pattern a few years ago but sent it off in an exchange so this one I'm keeping, my third finish of the year.......quite overcome!

Progress (quite a lot!) on Her Sampler
Carriage House Samplings
kindly lent by Lynda
Her Sampler is really a joy to stitch, I love the colours, the fabric and above all the pattern!  Thank you, Lynda!

I'll leave you with a picture from the deck earlier in the week after the winter storm passed through, sadly looks nothing like this now, the temperature has risen and it's dripping with the odd icy patch to catch you unawares!

Took me ages to make those scallops!
To get the most mileage from this post, besides Gifted Gorgeousness, I am also linking up with Kitten Stitching at her Christmas Ornie SAL.  the January theme is music so pretty darn perfect, don't you think?  Click on the links in the sidebar to find out about both SALs.

Our Badge
And since today is Friday......there's a bit of a frolic going on, as I busily continue on Her Sampler.  Every Friday, Kaye invites you to show what you are stitching that evening.  I think this is the first time I've linked up,  See?  The new improved me!

And Noel will probably appear down the road in the Smalls SAL too!

Well, it's been a long week, the WT has already retired, still jet lagged, poor chap so think I will join him.  I'll leave you with this quote.....

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Fifteen of those days we will never get back........

love, Gillie x


  1. Good luck n 2016 with your stitching plans - it's nice to see Jo will leave the GG window open to the end of the month :-)

    Your Sampler looks great - how are you going to finish it?

  2. I love your little ornament and how you adapted it to use the gifted thread.

  3. Haha...are there any others you can add it to? I wonder what the record is for the most link ups for one project?

  4. Pretty ornament. The sampler is looking good too.

    1. Just had a look at the 'original' and it's amazing the difference a different colourway makes.

  5. haha! Yes, I had a laugh on Jo's post when she referred to you as Tail End Charlie.
    I do have an appt with my pain management doctor on Wednesday. I am hoping for a cure to this pain in the neck!!

  6. Goodness, a post on the very day it was due! A little playful ribbing will get you motivated I see, Tail-end Charlie...hahaha. I will admit that gave me a chuckle, too! I love your stitching, and Her Sampler was a fun stitch (I remember stitching on that as well). It will be interesting to see how many SAL's you can squeeze out of one project! The snow looks amazing! No accumulation here as yet, fingers crossed. Say hi to WT for me!

  7. Great finish! I love the colours you chose.

  8. lol .... well done you!
    Great ornament, its wonderful and love the sampler, that is soooo pretty.

  9. Scampering to my magazine collection - 2008 was it? My nephew has bought his first home so I am planning to send him and fiancé homemade Christmas ornaments - Noel is too cute. Love the sampler, but I have a very particular affection for CHS. No snow here (I'm several hours south of DJ) but they are calling for a trace tomorrow - should monkey up the traffic - I'm surprised they aren't closing things already!

  10. Love the colour you used for the 'Noel' ornament, beautiful.
    Happy weekend!

  11. Thanks for taking part in GG this month and for giving us all a good giggle!
    Love your Noel cushion and the thread is perfect too.
    It's a versatile piece fitting all those SALS.

  12. That little ornament is just perfect!! I love it :)

  13. Definitely not Tail End Charlie this time, hahaha. A lovely little pillow that you made. And also Her Sampler fits in the GG challenge. Well done!

  14. Your stitching is so pretty! It makes me want to drag out my half-done samplers from so many years ago. Love your show shot too -- and the scallops LOL!

  15. Lovely stitching, Gillie, gorgeous colours.


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