Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Smalls SAL and the story of a morning, well, evening too, to be honest!

This is the third year that Heather of Stitching Lotus has kindly hosted the Smalls SAL and as she mentioned in her first post, numbers definitely went down as the year progressed and sadly, I was an early offender.......but.......we pick ourselves up and keep going!  I was really hoping to impress Jo by being on time again for a SAL but alas, forgot and went to bed.  Well, it's close (ish) to the full moon so I give you........again, lol.......Sing Noel!

You were all very kind about it in my last post, so thank you!  Click on the link in my sidebar for more information about the SAL. story.......are you sitting comfortably?  Good.......then I'll begin :)

Our church congregation has an informal partnership with a local elementary school and every month a couple of people volunteer to take in baked goods for the staff.  I usually choose January, and cutting it very fine, Friday 29th was the day that Trudy and I chose.  I planned on muffins and cookies/biscuits.  New recipe for the muffins (mistake) but I made them, stuck them in the oven, cr*p, left out the butter.  The pinger went, tried one and, dears, there is a reason you use butter in baking.......that's all I'm going to say!

Meanwhile, I'd mixed up a batch of molasses cookies which were to be put in fridge for a couple of hours before baking.  Went off to evening of stitching with friends, having decided to bite the bullet and whispering here, buy a couple of packets of Mrs. Crocker's finest products on my way home......don't tell, okay?
Got home, nice evening, bit tired, chatted to Baltimore Girl, who mentioned that parents were always bringing treats into THEIR staff room and they were always devoured with something of regret next morning on the went to bed vowing to bake in the morning, how difficult could it be?  Well apart from the fact that all three items were baked at different temperatures......not at all.

Got everything into containers, the lemon bars were too hot to sprinkle icing sugar on so took along a spoon, sieve and packet of sugar.  Picked up Trudy's cookies and drove to the school to be greeted by this sign.......

Back to the church, deposited all the cookies in the freezer, a second attempt will be made tomorrow. I'd also made a slight detour on the way to pick these absolute beauties up, aren't they gorgeous? 

From my lovely sister and family for my birthday to remind me of England.......oh dear, had a bit of a teary moment there.  The tea cosy was part of my present from Pittsburgh Girl, very posh, look at the label. 

Sadly, I am pretty sure she didn't get a trip to Harrods, she has an unerring instinct for finding British things over here, I keep my cutting mats for quilting in a big bag from Libertys that she found.

So the flowers were put on the floor of the (warm) car and taken to our local Bernina quilt shop where we were doing a EGA outreach project making angel gowns for out local neo natal unit and nicely graced the classroom for the day.

The WT kindly popped back for a couple of days, lol, he's off to Eastbourne in the morning!

Time I went and sorted the laundry to send with the WT on his merry way.  Have a lovely week, smile often, work hard and kinder than you need to be.

Remembering another good man......Sir Terry, RIP.

and not a quote this time but something to make you smile.........


  1. Love and laughter make wonderful life foundations don't they?
    Loved that sign. But may not visit often.

  2. Hi Gillie, your work is so lovely! Happy stitching!

  3. Oh Gillie I'm with you on the baking! I never bake for school events now as I'm sure they prefer bought goods from me.
    Hope your WT has a safe trip and thanks for the laughs!

  4. I have a lovely lady who comes to the Book Borrowers and she is a fabulous cook, she gets the job of baking at the community centre if it needs doing.
    A lovely tea cosy and such pretty flowers too.
    I'm just listening to Radio 2 and they are paying tribute to Sir Terry

  5. Lovely birthday presents.
    What a sign! ;)

  6. Lovely stitching!! The sign gave me a giggle...thanks! So glad WT made a visit to lift your day, and the flowers and tea cozy were lovely gifts. I do hope you had a wonderful birthday, I thought of you often that day!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your day - it was a great read. Love the Tea Cozy. And of course your stitching is beautiful

  8. What a palaver! I wonder who will get to eat your cookies in the end?
    Nice ornie.
    Also, is the Portage sign a place near you? I have a reason for asking which is not a sarcastic one about the rest of the sign LOL

  9. Yes, Terry gone! Can't quite believe it!

  10. You aren't late! As long as you post before the link list is closed, then I consider you on time. ;) And thanks for joining the Smalls SAL again. No worries if you fall off again. You can just get right back on track the next month, or the month after. ;)

  11. Oh my Gillie...i had such a giggle at your baking adventures...and then getting to school and it was closed :D I have to admit that I'd probably have had a few choice words with myself at that point had it been me :D

    Hope your WT had a safe trip

  12. Oh my Gillie...i had such a giggle at your baking adventures...and then getting to school and it was closed :D I have to admit that I'd probably have had a few choice words with myself at that point had it been me :D

    Hope your WT had a safe trip


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