Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness...still BAGS of time!

Okay, well, maybe again a bit of Tail End going on, but not a WORD, Miss Jo, as it's still February and I get to wear the Gorgeous crown for about the next 30 hours or so.........if you are taking part in the GG SAL and haven't entered the drawing there is still time.  All details on Jo's blog along with how the SAL runs.
I did actually finish the first piece I'm going to show you, on the actual 15th........yes, I did, Jo, so there!  Then, of course, could I find that blessed wee charm?  I've been tripping over it for months now and just when it comes time to actually use it.......gone!
It's a GG piece because the chart belongs to Lynda who was kind enough to let me borrow it after our Round Robin was finished.  I made a couple of changes, one being the bird, since I had the charm, thought it was perfect for the roof instead of the stitched one.  The other change came through misreading the symbol for the big leaf on the right and using the blue thread.  I rather liked it, so decided not to stitch as charted and just picked up whichever of the threads I thought looked good in that particular spot..... I think I'll probably frame this, would be an excellent display piece for the autumn.

Her Sampler
Carriage House Samplings

My other GG piece is very small 30 x 30 stitches and comes via Jo, read what she says.......lifted from her blog with permission.
Finally, I was emailed about a craftivist project recently - Stitching for Syria,  Here's what the charity Concern says about their work
"At Concern we run a host of activities helping Syrians caught up in years of war. These include teaching Syrian refugees and poor Lebanese women embroidery. Selling what they make gives these women a vital income, and the sessions themselves bring warmth, hope and friendship."

And here's their website to find out more - Concern.  Basically, you sign up and they send you a free chart which you stitch and mail to them to make a hanging for their centre in Lebanon to bring hope to the women that go there.  A donation would be nice too!  It's a small pattern, only 30x30 so shouldn't take long to stitch.  The project has literally only just been launched this week so needs all the publicity it can get!

As Jo says, it's a small piece and took maybe an hour and a half?  It's a GG piece because
Frances (no blog) sent me the fabric AND the thread
Jo told me about it
Concern sent a free chart
and a stitched piece is going back to Concern
The thread has rather a good name for this project too, it's Dragon Floss Treasured Friendships!  I'm going to do a couple more and would encourage you all to join in.  I would be happy to post any US pieces to the Concern office in London.
It's been a gorgeous day here in Michigan, we had a winter storm go through on Wednesday and Thursday, all schools closed and a committee I'm on gave up trying to meet in February and we'll aim for our usual day in March.  All the snow has pretty much gone which is good as it was the wet heavy stuff that came up from the south (not that we're blaming you, Ohio, lol) and the snow blower in chief was gone again too.  The quickest turn around ever, got in on the last plane on Friday, arrived home around 1 am and eleven hours later was driving to O'Hare to catch a flight to the UK!  Not surprisingly, he has Gold status already with American!
Well, that's it for me, but of course will be back tomorrow with the Smalls and WIPocalypse SALs.  I know, need to get organized!
Will leave you with this, which was installed in the Lake House a fortnight good and kinder than you need to be!


  1. Lovely stitching, Gillie. I wouldn't mind sitting in front of that log fire; it looks so cosy.

  2. Oh your fire is so inviting!
    What a pretty sampler you have completed.

  3. Lovely stitching Ms Gillie :) Thanks for the link to the Syria project....I'd read about it at Jo's and then got busy and forgot!

  4. Thank yow for a wonderful post. I have downloaded the chart for "Concern" -- Will update my blog with a post - I think the Bird Charm is an excellent switch for your beautiful project.

  5. Haha, squeaking in at the end again, thank heavens for the extra day!
    Your sampler is lovely and I like the random leaves.
    Great work on the Syria piece and it's a good idea to have one US collection then send them all together.

  6. Lovely stitching Gillie. That's such a sweet autumn piece and the bird is a perfect addition! Love the thread you chose for the concern square.

  7. Gorgeous finish, what an apt thread for the Conern piece. Nice cosy fire.


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