Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jo's Birthday Blog Hop - 1971

I know, I know, I'm late for the UK.......I can explain, migraine, camera problems.......but I'm here.

1971 - did you give me that year on purpose, dear Jo?  A wonderful year, I married the World Traveller on the 19th of June, having left my job in the Embassy in Bonn and come back to work (but not for long) in the Foreign Office in London.  Also the year decimalization came to the UK, I remember getting a 50 pence piece in my change on the train going home to my parents in Norwich, and thinking what an odd shape!

The photograph shows the happy couple leaving the church, I must say a bit of a satisfied smirk on the bride's face, my lovely mum next to her new son-in-law (whom she loved dearly), and you can just see my sister at the back along with my grandfather (mum's dad).

The telegram was from some friends I had met while in Munich, Rosie is Canadian and they had married in Montréal two weeks before.....hence the telegram reads "best wishes from the voices of experience"!

It was a fairly small but posh do as you can see, morning suits and top hats and the invitation in the third person!

I remember my lovely stepfather writing my luggage label with my new name.......Mrs P.J.N. Kilner....and we went to Benidorm in Spain for the princely sum of GBP 39.95 each, seems ridiculously inexpensive now!

Nip over to Jo's blog at Serendipitous Stitching where she will explain all - as you will deduce......she is a bit younger than me!

Well, now I've finally posted again after a VERY long time......I might get a Gifted Gorgeousness post up soon!

PS - Can't work out how to link to Jo's blog but she won't be surprised, it's me we are talking about.....  I noticed 1989 was not a particularly interesting year for Jo, apparently......well, that was the year that the World Traveller moved his family and two cats across the Atlantic to Pittsburgh.....two members of the family were a bit hung over when we left the UK....on January 1st!


  1. Welcome back.
    You do indeed look pleased with yourself.

  2. Tnanks for taking part in the Birthday Blog Hop. The links are sorted out by me, it's the only way to get them in the right order!
    1971 does sound like a great year for you.
    I was 5. My family had returned to England and Dad was no longer in the Army. I started school at the Primary School my Mum and Grandad had attended in their time. For my 5th Birthday I got a beautiful twin pram for my dolls to replace the one we left in Singapore. (See 5th Blogaversary for photo!) Snowy the cat was glad to see the family return!

  3. So glad to read this post Gillie! Wonderful photograph. Love the memories. Come back SOON!

  4. Waving to you Gillie, a lovely post to help celebrate Jo's big birthday.
    Hope all is well with you xx

  5. awwww when you got married I was 6 lovely photo and glad to see you posting again to celebrate Jo's birthday .. remind me to show you how to link ... love mouse xxxxx

  6. Nice to meet you Gillie! Lovely photo, and great to read your story.
    Barbara xx (I posted about 2011)
    @ The Flashing Scissors

  7. What a fantastic year for you! And a great choice by Jo. Love your wedding photo and description and happy to have found your blog. :)

  8. It's great to have found your blog and what a lovely post. Your dress was beautiful!

  9. Great year for you! Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding photo and memories :o)
    Hugs xx

  10. Love the top hat. It looks as if you had a wonderful day. and it does seem as if your trip to Spain was so cheap!

  11. Nice to learn about you Gillie. I love this blog hop!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Haha -- it's been so long I almost didn't know you! ;-D Looks like a Fantastic year for you -- and yes, I'd like to see those travel prices return LOL!

  13. Hopping along on the blog hop. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice to see a post from you, Gillie. And that it is one for Jo's birthday is so lovely. Great to read about you back in 1971

  15. I am slowly hopping through the birthday blog posts. I enjoyed reading your post. This is such a nice thing to be involved in.

  16. This is a great post, Gillie. I love the sound of your posh wedding.

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