Works in Progress...

In a desperate attempt to give myself a kick up the backside reignite enthusiasm for some of my stitches in progress (see, calling it something different too!) I have made a LIST....
shamelessly *borrowing* from Serendipity Jo I am attempting 14 in '14.....  all existing ones, no, I lie, there is one new one..... are two new ones and a couple with about ten stitches each in them so might as well be new! no particular order ........
Waiting to be stitched on....
Little Stitcher
Sweet World
On Any Shore
Small Scottish Sampler
Dandy Dreams
Spring Blessing
Cape Cod Girls
Birdneck Sampler

Have been stitched on in 2014....
Shirt Front Sampler
Sharen Cohen Band Sampler
Polly Wolly Doodle
Whimsy Thoughts
Ladybirds and Bumblebees removed (stitched on too-small fabric)
Grilles de Maryse SAL 2014 removed (fabric too small)

Quaker Diamonds

Song of Songs - a FINISH courtesy of Hermitting weekend on 1/19/2014!
Nature's Alphabet - finished 1/10/16

Some will be familiar to you, sigh, from ooh, 2010, when I did the Crazy January Challenge..... so definitely need to GET A MOVE ON!  I have taken two of the CJC ones out and will be putting them on the sale page as soon as I get a picture scanned in.

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